AEK Athens Has a Match Called Off Due to Pitch-Side Problems

The highly anticipated game between AEK Athens and Atromitos was abruptly postponed on Sunday, disappointing Greek football fans. Even though the game was supposed to start in the afternoon, things unexpectedly changed when visitors AEK voiced their displeasure with the Peristeri stadium’s tall goals. Match officials arrived on the scene quickly and started taking measurements of each goal’s height.

Referees gathered around the goals and used measuring tapes to establish the precise heights of each one as they soon realized that the two goals were of different heights. It was carried out after AEK warned the referees of a potential issue they had identified during a pre-game pitch check. The inspection went on for a while before the referees could finally identify the big problem with the crossbars.

This incident is an example of why pitch inspections are important regardless of the sport’s level. The referee needs to have inspected the pitch before kickoff whether you are watching your kids play small league football or a professional game like AEK Athens. Despite being frequently disregarded by spectators and athletes alike, pitch inspections are necessary at all levels of the game and are an essential part of the pre-match routine.

After all, if a player were to get an injury due to a hazardous playing surface, it would be problematic for the referee who initially approved the game to be played. Even though it’s upsetting when a game is postponed, it’s the proper decision if a football field isn’t safe for play. However, the problem at AEK Athens could not be fixed in time for the game to begin, despite efforts and a 30-minute delay. Greek sports court will now be responsible for deciding the date and time of the game.