Toure ecstatic to re-associate with Olympiacos

Yaya Toure reveals that many different reputed clubs from different continents had approached him and had offered him lucrative contracts when he was a free agent earlier this year, but putting aside everything, he came back to Olympaicos because Olympiacos is the club which had provided him the platform to showcase his potential to the Football world.

It was at Olympiacos where Toure was first taken note of by the coaches and scouts around the world after which he went on to enjoy an illustrious career in Europe which included very successful stints with Barcelona and Manchester City.

According to Toure, the only reason he came to Olympiacos (rejecting all the offers he had on his platter) was the emotional connection that he has with the club. When he was going out after just a solitary season in 2006, he had promised the supporters that he would come back at some stage in the future and he is mighty pleased that he has been able to keep his promise. The fans are just as excited to have him back, with a 40% increase in fans using this link to search for Olympiacos home tickets.

Toure stresses that he has not come to Olympiacos just for the sake of it. He has rather come with a mission. He might have accomplished a lot in his Football career at the highest level, but the hunger of success has not yet died down.

Toure didn’t have a huge role to play for City the previous season as he got to feature in only 10 Premiership games and at Olympiacos, he is keen to prove a point that there is still enough Football left in him.

“I am as hungry for success now as I was when I first arrived at Olympiacos. It is now time to let my Football do the talking once again.” Toure was quoted saying by espn.