Sky and BT pay huge to Retain rights of Premier League

Sky and BT had to pay billions in order to retain the broadcasting rights of the Premier League. It was recently reported that Sky has the rights to show 116 live matches per season while BT snatched 38 matches. The overall valuation of this deal is in the region of €5 billion as the Premier League seems to be getting more entertaining as more fans are viewing the games every week that it’s played.

After having offloaded so much cash in obtaining the rights to broadcast these matches, it’s expected that the teams which are participating in this league have the quality to prove why its receiving more viewers and supporters but everything seems to be falling apart for these clubs in the Europa League and in the Champions League.

Tottenham Hotspur was knocked out of the Europa League after losing against Fiorentina meanwhile Liverpool was eliminated after crashing out of the European competition due to a penalty shoot-out in which Besiktas emerged as the victorious team.

Arsenal sustained a 3-1 defeat when facing off with As.Monaco in the Champions League and will need to perform superbly in the 2nd leg in order to stay alive.Jose Mourinho’s team was barely able to secure a 1-1 draw when facing off with PSG in a match that the French club deserved to win.

Sports television companies had to go deep in their pockets to secure the broadcasting rights of the Premier League but the clubs are failing to perform in the big stage.

Manchester United is historically considered to be the most successful club in the Premier League as it has won that title on 13 different occasions but this team is nowhere close to the squad that is used to be some years ago and this is just one sign of how the English League has been crumbling in certain aspects of how it’s being managed.