Rafael Benitez is satisfied about his current goalkeeping situation

Rafael Benitez has at his disposal the likes of: KeylorNavas and KikoCasilla, these goal-keepers will be competing against each other for the main spot of Real Madrid and even though there is a possibility of not signing Manchester United’s David de Gea, Rafael Benitez is happy about being able to utilize the services of either Navas or Casilla.

Real Madrid’s Benitez said: “If someone else comes along then we will welcome them but they have to be better than what we have. We have a good team and we have to work with them’’

Real Madrid completed their pre-season tour by claiming a victory against Ac.Milan as the Spanish side became the winners of the International Champions Cup. The Costa Rican goal-keeper KeylorNavas played in this match for the opening 46 minutes of the match and KikoCasillas entered the pitch to play for the remaining minutes and neither goal-keeper conceded any goal and the winner had to be decided in a penalty shoot-out.

It seems like even if David de Gea is not signed in this summer transfer window, Rafael Benitez already knows what to do with the players that he already has at the Santiago Bernabeu and the goal-keeping position of Real Madrid is not expected to be a problem.

KeylorNavas and KikoCasilla are the main competitors for the main spot in the starting XI of Rafael Benitez but if rumors are indeed true and if Manchester United’s Louis van Gaal wants to see David de Gea leave Old Trafford then Real Madrid will act fast and attempt to sign the young goal-keeper which is going to completely eliminate the chances of Kiko and of Keylor to take center stage.

The summer transfer window shuts down on September 1st and there is plenty of time for Real Madrid to sign David de Gea but this will ultimately depend if Louis van Gaal does indeed want to see the Spanish shot-stopper leave Old Trafford or if it was nothing then just another rumor, time will tell.