Panathinaikos defeat in Europa League

The latest Europa League match of Panathinaikos witnessed the Greek team succumbing to a 2-3 defeat after playing against PSV in a match that Panathinaikos had initially taken the lead but failed on holding on to their lead and it was ultimately PSV that managed to secure all 3 valuable points in their journey of advancing through the group stages of the Europa League.

Abdul Ajagun scored the early goal for Panathinaikos at the 11th minute as the Nigerian midfielder slammed the ball into the back of the net during the early stages of the match but PSV responded quickly with Memphis Depay equalizing the game 1-1 at the 27th as Depay was able to connect with a deep pass from his teammate Wijnaldum and slot the ball into the net of Luke Steele.

Only 27 minutes had passed and already both squads managed on scoring and just before the first half reached its end, Panathinaikos restored their goal lead thanks to the Crotian forward MladenPetric as he launched a volley that went right past PSV’s goalkeeper JeroenZoet.

PSV was far from done as they managed to tie the game for the 2nd time of the match with Luuk de Jong receiving a cross from JetroWillemsand turning the scoreboard 2-2 and a late goal from GeorginioWijnaldum was enough for PSV to take the lead for the very first time in the entire match and collect all 3 points.

If Panathinaikos could have managed to hold on to their lead until the end and claim all the points from this match it would have made a huge difference in the current situation of Panathinaikos as they are at the very bottom of Group E of the Europa League and their chances of progressing any further from these stages of the European tournament have disappeared.