Disappointed Belgium went with a point after Michael Skibbe men surprised them with an unexpected 1-0 lead in their 2018 World Cup Qualifier match.

The first half of the match went goalless draw as the visitors were very tough at the back more.

An early second half goal from Mitroglou put Greece ahead of their host and brought more confidence into their pattern. The goal came out of nothing.Tachtsidis wanted a high ball more than Chadli and headed it forward in the general direction of the penalty area. Mitroglou reacted quicker than Ciman, running in behind him to sweep an emphatic curling half-volley across Thibaut Courtois and into the far corner.

Alderweireld of Belgium, in the 51st minute made an awesome through pass to Chadli on the right of the box.Stafylidis stumbles into him from behind but Chadli stayed firm without falling and ultimately won a corner. Had he gone down, Belgium might have been awarded a penalty.

Keeper Kapino’s amazing performance stopped Lukaku’s 59th minute close range shot, which was eventually an offside. The scoreline seemed ridiculous to The Reds and more pressure was on them.

Mertens on the left lifted a gentle ball towards Lukaku in the box. He had Papastathopoulous behind him but held him off as he managed to control the ball on his chest and swiveled to whack a volley that passed through the hands of Kapino.

Having searched for such utilized opportunity and finally found one, Lukaku went haywire as the late minute goal secured a point for Belgium.

The match ended with a bit of a rumble involving Lukaku and Tzavellas, both were shown cards which saw Tzavellas go off the pitch as it was his second yellow. Greece were down to nine men in the 95th minute, before the referee blew the final whistle.