Arsene Wenger reinforced Defensive Appartment of his Team

Arsene Wenger has already reinforced the defensive department of his team but a few more signings are expected to be made as the Frenchman is also seeking to strengthen the attacking section of his squad and a few names have popped up as there are a list of possible players that could be joining the Premier League club soon or are at least being linked with a move.

One of the players who are linked with Arsenal is EdinsonCavani from PSG. The Uruguayan attacker is not playing at his best and has never really managed on doing so since arriving to the French club. He was acquired by PSG on July of 2013 for a fee of €65 million.

The main reason on why PSG was willing to splash so much cash for Cavani was because of the outstanding performances that Cavani was making with his former club Napoli. The head authorities of PSG wanted to add a player of his characteristics to the team and they weren’t afraid on offloading €65 million.

Unfortunately for PSG, Cavani has never been able to truly replicate the performances and goal-scoring levels that he displayed during his time with Napoli and ZlatanIbrahimovic seems to outshine in almost every occasion.

EdinsonCavani has already displayed his frustration towards the current situation in the team and the possibility of another club signing him is real. Wenger does want to add a few more offensive players to his team and Cavani is turning into a viable option.

Jean-Kevin Augustin is another player of PSG who is being linked with Arsenal. Augustin is a French performer who will see his contract expiring in the summer and he has failed to make his way into the senior team of PSG and it doesn’t seem like his situation will be changing anytime soon as the team is filled with talented players.